How Long Does Heroin Recovery Take Using a Detox Program and What to Expect?

If you use heroin and have a dependency on the substance, maybe you or someone who cares about you are seriously contemplating a treatment program to help overcome heroin addiction.

Prolonged heroin use can be hazardous both physically and mentally and the most effective solution is to seek professional help using rehab facilities that specialize in extensive substance use treatments. 

However, you must clearly understand that the process is not an easy one and the first part of the procedure will consist of a complete heroin detox program.

Detox is only a small part of the road to recovery, and it is quite an unpleasant process due to the heroin withdrawal symptoms.

Still, to reclaim your life, it is paramount that you follow the program in the initial stage of treatment for substance use.

Once you have an understanding of what to expect from a medical detox and an addiction treatment program, you are already on your journey to long-term recovery with an impact that will last a lifetime.

Recovery from Heroin Addiction:  How Heroin Detox Helps

A professional heroin rehab center will commence a specific detox process as the first measure for addiction recovery. It is not advised to attempt to detox from heroin on your own and it is always recommended to seek expert advice on the subject. 

The procedure is simply a way to remove the toxins from your body, in this case heroin, and it is quite a quick process as heroin leaves your system after approximately 4 to 6 days.  However, the withdrawal signs may continue after that time and can be extremely unpleasant, yet each individual responds differently, and each will require a specific time to recover. 

As soon as the initial program is complete and most physical and mental functions are restored, additional treatment can begin to avoid relapse.  The heroin detox can take around a week but more severe cases may take much longer. 

Cravings for heroin may persist well into weeks or even months after that time, which, is when rehab support becomes fundamental, with the focus always on long-term recovery.  A heroin detox center will extend comprehensive support at every stage of quitting the drug from outpatient care to inpatient rehab as and when it may be required and will monitor your progress under their treatment for heroin program. 

Beginning an addiction recovery program can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for most sufferers to agree to but it is the first step in the right direction knowing you will not be alone on your journey to get rid of your substance use.

What are the Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms?

Heroin withdrawal discomfort may vary from one person to another as each person is different, and their use disorder may be more severe than others. 

The recovery process depends on many factors but withdrawal symptoms appear shortly after a detox process has begun.

Let’s take a look at the most common symptoms of heroin withdrawal after you stop using the substance:

Is the Heroin Withdrawal Timeline a Lengthy Process?

Perhaps one of the first questions you ask yourself is how long does heroin withdrawal last?  There is no straightforward answer as it will all depend on each individual’s personal achievements.

As a rule of thumb, there are indicators of time duration throughout the detox program that should be used only as a guide and not to be relied on as completely accurate. 

The signs of heroin withdrawal are somewhat difficult but understanding the timeline for heroin to leave the body, may indicate how long the withdrawal symptoms last. 

The recovery from heroin addiction also depends on relapse which is why a professional recovery center is highly recommended to withdraw from heroin safely and with a focus on lasting recovery.

How Long Does It Take to Detox from Heroin?

The effects of heroin on the body can be devastating and common heroin withdrawal symptoms become present hours after the last consumption of the substance.

The acute withdrawal symptoms are pretty much the same for most people due to the specific program used and the first symptoms become present within the first 24 hours of detox. 

Most patients will experience some feeling of discomfort; at first, this may be mild but then intensify as time goes by. 

The severity of the heroin addiction becomes clear within the first 24 hours and as more time passes, the likelier the problem may get tougher.  The first symptoms of withdrawal are described above but the list is not exhaustive and depends on individual circumstances.

After 24 hours in a detox program, the anxiety increases and peaks to an unbearable climax which is the worst stage in the process.  This moment is considered to be the “make” or “break” point of heroin withdrawal which, without professional help, usually ends in a certain relapse.  This is why, seeking professional help from the on start is crucial to a positive recovery from heroin addiction.

The following two days are more or less the same as your body eliminates the substance. 

This produces ups and downs, high and low bouts of depression along with other symptoms such as physical and emotional problems. 

These all form part of the “healing” process and although at times intolerable, it is part of the recovery process. 

From days 4 to 6, the substance should have left your system, and without heroin in your body, the uncomfortable withdrawal manifestation may become milder but there is still a long way to go and you may still find you are struggling to manage withdrawal symptoms. 

To experience some or all of these withdrawal symptoms is part of the ongoing treatment. A drug like heroin and its dire effects need a professional understanding with a specialized heroin addiction treatment program on how best to treat it.

The first week can become more tolerable although depression and cravings can still be relatively high as the addiction treatment continues.

To experience withdrawal symptoms is quite normal and what one should expect as part of the detox program but some of these manifestations are expected to ease after 2 weeks depending on the severance of the addiction to heroin.  

After a week or so, it is likely that depression and cravings are present and may continue for weeks thereafter,  This is when different treatment options may be offered as support for those struggling with heroin addiction and may show greater drug withdrawal symptoms. 

Medication-assisted treatment may be an option as part of your rehab.

To break this down:

Can Rehab Speed Up Recovery of Withdrawal Symptoms?

Getting the right medical detox program may be your priority, but you probably wonder how long heroin detox takes and want to ask more questions. 

Each individual has their own story and at Luxe Recovery Studio City every chapter is analyzed and supported to the very end of the process of detoxing from heroin. 

You must remember that substance abuse comes with many implications and the time frame may vary from one person to another but rehab can certainly assist you in coping with post-acute withdrawal symptoms and although there is no shortcut to getting clean, symptoms are manageable with professional treatment.

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