How Long Does It Take To Recover From Alcoholism?

What is the Timescale for Recovery from Alcohol Addiction?

3 Days After Stopping Drinking

The first 72 hours following alcohol abstention are generally the most difficult and unpleasant as withdrawal symptoms begin to manifest.

These symptoms appear due to the body being in shock by not receiving the alcohol it has been accustomed to. Some of these symptoms can be quite uncomfortable and include sweating, intense cravings for alcohol, shaking, and irritability. 

After this initial period, the symptoms may become less intense, and cravings appear with less frequency, although more severe cases may see their symptoms last longer.

14 Days

30 Days

90 Days

After three months of recovering from alcohol addiction, not only will your body improve, but your concentration and overall mental health will improve, contributing to you feeling better overall. 

One Year

How Long Does It Take For Your Mental Health To Heal From Alcohol Abuse?

Apart from the damage excessive alcohol has to your body, it also affects mental health significantly and can cause several psychological conditions that have no timescale for recovery.

Because mental health issues are much more complex and need to be monitored for extended periods, it is impossible to determine any form of timescale to heal or cure these conditions.

Psychological ailments can be present before, during, and after any course of treatment, and for this reason, it is important to find the right procedure that can detect their presence with an accurate diagnosis, conduct treatment accordingly, follow up with support groups, and continue treatment as professionally advised.

Post Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS)

The common withdrawal symptoms most of us associate with alcoholism are mainly physical when a person ceases drinking alcohol and manifests shortly after having consumed their last alcoholic drink.

However, other post-alcohol withdrawal symptoms are related to mental health and these symptoms can continue well after detox and can last a considerable time.

Some of these conditions are:

Benefits of Stopping Drinking After Long-Term Alcohol Addiction

What to Expect from an Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

Where Can I Find Professional Help For Alcoholism?

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