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Welcome to Luxe Recovery Studio City in Los Angeles County. We are a treatment center that focuses on personalizing treatment plans for those who suffer from addiction and mental health issues. You’re probably wondering what this means.

Well, we’ve taken the time to respond to this query and explain precisely what personalized or individualized treatment means for people seeking help at our recovery center.

This article will go into detail on the aspects of customized treatment and how you can benefit from it. 

Understanding Personalized Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental health problems come in all shapes and sizes. We recognize that. As would any professional rehab center, the need to address the issues of these conditions would clearly require a personalized touch – wouldn’t you agree? If all conditions were the same, the treatment would be the same. However, as we all know, that’s never the case. 

Seeking treatment services requires a whole lot of courage. We get that. So, we want to assure all of our patients that when they come to us, they get an individualized service that suits their particular needs and requirements. 

What is personalized addiction treatment? We refer to this as a tailored treatment process that fits the individual. This requires a thorough evaluation of the details of the condition, evaluating factors like severity, frequency and the potential root causes or triggers.

With this information, our treatment professionals can begin to create a tailored plan with treatment options that work for that particular patient.

How Does Luxe Recovery Personalize Treatment?

The first step is to contact us. We can assist you over the phone or through our chat services online to get some information on your condition. The next stage is to come to our Drug Rehab in Studio City for a full assessment, where we can evaluate your concerns and get to know you.

We require information on your addiction or mental health status and some other details: the severity of the issue, how long it has been going on for and additional info like what your support system is like at home. This helps us identify the best addiction and mental health treatment for you.

Our addiction treatment professionals are trained to provide the best solutions and tailor them to your specific needs.

Key Components of Individualized Treatment

The treatment required by the patient will vary from one to another. However, most can expect to go through a series of stages that begin to address the issues that are related to their addiction or mental health. 

Our treatment programs vary – that’s why they are individualized. However, here are some of the common types of treatment offered at our drug and alcohol rehab center in Studio City.

Residential Treatment 

Residential treatment is for those who seek a full-time place at our Studio City facility. This service is for anyone struggling with addiction or seeking mental health treatment. This option allows for close monitoring and 24/7 care and attention.

Although this service is generally for those patients who require a more intense program due to the severity of their condition, it can also, and has, worked for all walks of life. 

Intensive Outpatient Program

For those who cannot commit to a full-time stay with us for whatever reason, we have an IOP that provides flexibility. This outpatient treatment option allows our patients to remain close to home where they can continue with work or childcare obligations while they begin their path to recovery.

Both of these options are great – depending on the needs of the person, these options can be tailored to suit the patient, making their recovery process a successful one. 

Treatment Services at Luxe Recovery Studio City

Within the above options, we provide an array of treatments and therapies that are individualized to suit the condition at hand. As we know, every situation is different and requires a personalized approach meaning each patient and each case will have a combination of the following treatments.

Individual Therapy and Counseling

Both our inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment programs have access to individual therapy sessions. These sessions are individualized to treat addiction and address any mental health concerns associated with it.

These sessions provide one-on-one time with a specialized therapist who’s trained to deal with your specific issues.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions are what it says in the tin – they’re performed in small groups. For those who can benefit from it, they will be placed into groups where specific issues can be discussed between the group and a therapist.

This allows for sharing experiences with others who have walked similar paths and creates a sense of understanding and empathy – not to mention you will no longer feel alone in your struggle.

Family Therapy


Holistic Therapy

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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