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What is Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction?

In common terms, substances contained in medications generally prescribed by healthcare specialists that are specifically meant to treat a specific medical problem are misused and abused, which can eventually lead to dependency and presently is a growing and concerning problem.

To abuse prescription drugs means someone who consumes a medication that is not related to their doctor’s prescription and is intended for another person, or by taking higher doses or taking it for recreational use.

Types Of Prescription Drugs That Can Lead To Abuse

Healthcare professionals can legally prescribe drugs that are specifically precise in treating certain medical conditions and are generally considered safe if used correctly and as directed.

Still, if used against professional advice, they can easily lead to abuse and addiction and evolve into extreme health issues. The most common misused prescriptions are seemingly those that control general relief symptoms. 

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How Do You Become Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

When is Prescription Drug Rehab Required?

The difference between the legitimate use of a prescribed drug and the misuse of a medication is very narrow, so considering and defining the right time for when rehab is needed can prove challenging.

Early recognition signs of a developing addiction must be addressed with immediate intervention to prevent further damage. Some of the following signs may indicate that a prescription drug abuse treatment is needed:

How You Can Help a Loved One Get Treatment

Luxe Recovery Studio City is a prescription drug addiction treatment center that provides an integrated addiction treatment program to resolve prescription drug addiction and its associated disorders. 

Our experienced and dedicated team can assist individuals wishing to end the vicious cycle of addiction, start their onward journey to recovery, and look forward to a much healthier, more rewarding life.

Contact us now and find out about our treatment for prescription drug addiction and how we can assist you on your path to recovery. 

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Offered at Luxe Recovery Studio City

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