Understanding the Heroin Addiction Recovery Rates and Percentages

There are no accurate, up-to-date percentages for the heroin addiction recovery rate as most statistics are based on the number of addicts that will relapse; currently, this rate is believed to be around 80%, meaning 8 out of 10 addicts will relapse at least once during or after their addiction treatment.

The true scale of heroin abuse in the U.S is somewhat difficult to track down, but taking into account that almost 5.1 million people used heroin in 2015, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, it is pretty feasible to believe this number has since increased and the opioid epidemic is on the rise.

It is somewhat misleading to quote percentages or recovery rates for substance use as this can take a lot of time to investigate due to the number of users who relapse but then later recover successfully, but whose numbers are unknown precisely. 

However, today, we have much more information and resources regarding addiction treatment together with first-class treatment centers offering extensive treatment plans for addictive substances, so the actual heroin recovery percentage may prove higher than currently predicted at some 20%.

Knowing the Relapse Rate will Better Prepare you for Heroin Addiction Recovery

You may wonder why there is more information relating to the heroin users’ relapse rate rather than the recovery rate. 

This is because there are many factors that surround heroin addiction and what is involved in following a special recovery program, so it seems it would be easier to calculate the number of people who relapse rather than speculate on those who achieve a complete recovery.

It is important to understand what relapse means in terms of numbers and why you may be thinking rehab is a waste of time and money because of the high percentage relapse rate, but recovery is possible, and the rate of heroin recovery should not be narrowed down to a small percentage.

Sources state that around 80% will relapse at some stage, meaning that some 20% will fully recover but this figure is only a general indication as the success rate depends on each individual’s situation. 

Relapse is not a failure.  Some people may relapse after recovery, yet they may move on to never use heroin again.  Others may not get the correct addiction treatment or adequate duration needed and whether or not they have completed a full recovery program.  Whatever the reason, relapse should be considered as a hurdle that one can get over on their way to getting clean. 

Therefore, the heroin addiction recovery figure can only be indicative, and percentages should only be considered as a rough guide.  

What do the Heroin Addiction Recovery Rates Mean, and How Does that Affect Heroin Addicts?

Beat the Odds: Start Your Addiction Treatment Journey at Luxe Recovery Studio City Today

Addiction to heroin is a significant and major concern in the U.S. today and is on the rise. Hence, for anyone affected by this drug abuse,  rather than fill your head with percentages or worry about information regarding heroin recovery statistics, the most positive course of action is to get help today and get the right treatment.

By contacting a treatment center to find out more about an appropriate treatment program for heroin addicts, you have taken the first heroic step to taking the challenge and starting your journey on the road to recovery.

You will be informed about the processes and procedures for detoxification, medications, cognitive behavioral therapy, and the support program to help you succeed.  

Find out more about our heroin addiction treatment at Luxe Recovery Studio City, your trusted partner for your rehabilitation experience.

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